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        I think you should consider moving the source code of the Snappy Driver Installer to Github, so it could get more contributors as there are many users that can help with the project and effective issue reporting etc. Github would be the better source code hosting option IMO.

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            I’ll second that. Either Github or Gitlab.
            Both would increase the project visibility.

            Coming from Linux, SDIO really saved me a lot of headaches. If it was not for SDIO being packaged in Scoop extras bucket (1), I would have never found out about this genius piece of software.


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              I would also in addition to above suggest moving driver database also to Github, It will allow for incremental addition to database to get update reducing update size. Also Community will be able to help increase the Database substantially. It would iron out the process of adding drivers repository not currently included.

              PS: Love the project

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