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      On some of my computers the Manufacture and Model show as <n/a> and others it works fine. I was considering using a WMI query but many computer manufacturers don’t put the correct model and this program gets the correct model.

      Windows Version – Windows 10 1903 X64
      expected – Manufacturer: HP, Model:15-G073NR or HP 15 Notebook
      Actual – <n/a> for both
      Config – oeminfo=active:1, text:Manufacturer:, display:%1
      oeminfo=active:1, text:Model:, display:%2

      Is there anyway to make the width auto detect the exact perfect size instead of a fixed size? Due to me having multiple different computers most of the time the CPU or Hard Drive sections get cut off.

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      DTI looks in the system32 folder for a file called OEMInfo.ini and if found, displays the contents. If that fails it checks the registry at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation and displays what it finds there.

      Those are the two places where OEM info will be found. Otherwise it doesn’t exist. It probably comes down to whether your installation of Windows is an OEM installation or a vanilla installation from Microsoft.

      You could try an IF item to see if the OEMINFO item succeeds and try a WMI query if not.

      re perfect fit, i get around it by reducing the font size of that item or split it into two lines. Imagine if the whole display started springing in and out every refresh cycle because the length of one item was changing by one character. I think that would make me ill.

      There’s no auto wrapping of a single return value but if you have multiple return values you can split those over multiple lines.

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