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        Desktop Info v2.0.1.2695 does not show the “First Lease Expiry” anymore, it returns “n/a”. But it works fine in v1.14.0.2219

        to replicate:
        NETWORKINTERFACES=active:1,interval:30,color:22dddd,operstatus:1,iftype:6 71,display:Type: %2|IP Address: %8 / %10|Netmask: %9|Description: %3|Gateway: %17|MAC Address: %4|DNS Server: %15|DHCP Server: %19|Lease Expiry: %14

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          In v1.15 I added “multiple ip addresses” support to NETWORKINTERFACES. Have you checked to see if the interface has more than one ip? add the “ipv4list:%8/%10|” option and %25 to the display template.

          It may be there is no lease on the interface you’re looking at and v1.14 is misinterpreting the data. Have you tested on different computers in different networks?

          I notice %14 is working here on wifi and ethernet but not on cellular interfaces.

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