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      Bahadir MBahadir M

      Hello Glenn, firstly thank you very much for your program.

      I’m creating my own INI configuration and I like to keep the files easily readable, that’s why I’m using the ,\ and |\ character to be able to continue with the parameters of the items.

      I noticed that DesktopInfo crashes/kills itself if the INI config + “INCLUDE”-files have in total more than ~999 rows of text, regardless if it’s empty, contains a comment or an item.

      Can this limitation be removed?

      I attached my config, you can run it normally, but try adding more lines inside “desktopinfo.ini”, save it and check if you can replicate my issue.


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      Bahadir MBahadir M

      Forgot to specify my system:
      Windows 11 Professional/Enterprise 22000.1219 (21H2)
      (Noticed that DesktopInfo shows wrong version)
      Running DesktopInfo Version 3.8.0

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      But no-one will ever need more than 999 lines in the ini file! 🙂

      I can see the code that sets the arbitrary size of the buffer and I can see the code not caring if it goes over. I’ll fix that in the next bug release due hopefully this week or so.

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      Bahadir MBahadir M

      Hahah, you’re right, but some people will always want to get the most functions out of a thing and for me it’s more important to have a clean config in case I need to find and change something easily.

      Thanks anyway if you can remove the limitation 👍

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