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      Glen, fantastic app, I’ve spent hours tweaking and customising. So many possibilities.

      One thing I wondered is whether the IF command can be used to execute more than the next line, rather than only the following item (line) is executed.

      The idea being is I could use that to ignore a whole bunch of networking stats and the like if, for example, the WLAN nic is not connected. I do use the hide-no-result, but it doesn’t always work with the WMI results that are returned (because the results are not always helpful).

      It would be great if it was possible to group lines with some kind of bracketing delimiter

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      I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up. 🙂 I thought about it at the time I implemented the IF item but couldn’t come up with a nice way of doing it.

      So I’ll give it some fresh thought, see what I can come up with.

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