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      I am testing deploying Desktop Info to a number of managed services machines. Although the majority of my end users don’t mind it displaying on their desktop, I have a few that I would like to cater to who don’t want to see it (probably those users who have 1,000 pointless icons on their desktops)

      My script is set to check the existence of the files and not download them again if they are already there… except the ini… I have it being overwritten each time a user logs in so that I can make a change in 1 place and have it populate to all machines.

      What I would like to do is have an obscure way (maybe a button on a 3rd page, since I am only currently using 2), for me to tell the few users who don’t want to see it to click… that button would perhaps create a blank first screen – maybe showing only the navigation buttons, so that if we remote to the machine and need to see everything, all we have to do is go to the next page.
      Of course, if they are choosing not to see it, something would have to be done on the local machine to disallow the updating of the ini that I have set for everyone across the board.

      If there is not a way to do this natively, I am thinking that I will just add another couple of files to EVERYONE’s PC, along with the ‘hide’ button on the 3rd page, which will run a batch file to move the program to another folder, using a second pre-configured .ini with the first page blank, and change their startup item to that folder. In that case, if I wanted to update everyone’s .ini, I would just have to deal with updating 2 different versions of it.

      Does anyone have a better suggestion?

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      I don’t have any immediate answers but there’s a few things to explore that may help you in your quest.

      There is a command line option to load a specific ini file: /ini=

      There is a command line option to load a specific options section in the ini: /o=

      There is an [options] option called initial-page.

      See page 10 in the manual. You could use either of these or some combination to help you load a custom config for specific users.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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