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      Hi Glenn,
      I am planning on displaying a ‘Hide’ button CONTROL in my Desktop Info window.
      It should do the same as the Win key + D shortcut. But I’m struggling to find an equivalent uri for that. Do you or any of the forum regulars have any tips?

      Reasons to have this are plentifull: end users not knowing/remembering the keyboard shortcut, Allow Drag not working and /f will allow to move the window but also to close it.

      Happy with any tips or workarounds!

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      The following worked for me:

      /f puts no restrictions on the window. better for techs to use. The allowdrag option allows the desktop attached window to be dragged but you must hold SHIFT when you drag.

      where it says &quot that should be actual double quotes

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      Thanks for looking into this! Your suggestion works, however it displays the behavior when pressing Win Key + M. So it hides all windows except DTI. I would like to hide DTI too, so it only leaves the dektop shortcuts behind the window. This is what Win key + D does.
      Another path to explore is SendKeys, unfortunately there is no key for {WIN}.

      I still appreciate all suggestions!

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      I just want to update that – based on user feedback – I ended up with a close button rather than hiding.

      Below is the code snippet for others who may look for something similar:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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