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    Is there a way to add free text field. There have been times when I’d like to add some text to my desktop such as at the moment, the message “Happy Christmas” . Cheers

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    there are multiple ways.

    TEXT gives you a single line key/value style output.
    COMMENT gives you a single line output over both columns. you could put as many comments one after the other as you want
    FILE2TEXT gives you multi-line key/value from a text file
    FILECONTENTS1 gives you output in the second column from a text file
    FILECONTENTS2 gives you output in both columns from a text file

    if you were keen you could make or find a cute png graphic file and put it in the logo banner using the LOGO option.

    Check out the manual for details. If you’re not sure, open the current desktopinfo.ini file in notepad, find one of the existing COMMENT lines and copy/paste it to the position you want then change the “text” part.

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