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        Sory if this has already been addressed but there is no topic search so I can search through the topics without having to go through all of them and see this… I just started using SDIO yesterday had tried it once before maybe a year or two back but I’ve always had the other application and updated it through the application itself so I didn’t experience what most people have with the spam and stuff that the other people that took over SDI have added to it… in any case I ran both applications out of the same folder and it works flawlessly no problem at all but I did notice that there have the fonts in black and it’s much easier to see and I see no way to change it I’ve tried using all the different themes but none of them changed the font so I was just asking if it was easy thing could it possibly have a options to change them thanks thanks for your work thanks for your time and thanks for keeping the app going. I also commented on sourceforge under the old app cuz some people were complaining about getting all the spam and being redirected to a different app altogether and left a link to this site and to the source forge page for SDIO.

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          You can create your own theme. The easiest approach is to pick one of the existing themes that is closest to what you require, say Metro, then go to .\Tools\SDI\Themes and copy the theme *.txt file and folder to a new name. Don’t modify an existing theme directly because it will be overwritten on the next update. Edit the the theme *.txt file using your favourite text editor. For example, to change the font color of the driver items to black, look for DRVITEM_TEXT1_COLOR and change the value to 0x000000.

          DRVITEM_TEXT1_COLOR = 0x000000

          I won’t say it’s easy, there’s no reference but you’ll work it out eventually. Not all themes contain every available value.

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