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      is it possible to run a generic Command Line Program and show its output in Desktop Info??

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      Not currently.

      What kind of command line program would you want to run?

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      David Read

      I would like to add my voice to this.
      Currently I have a Powershell script that runs regularly to put the wallpaper filename and description into a text file.
      DesktopInfo then displays the text.
      It would be nice if DesktopInfo could run the script, using interval.

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        I think a CMD item would be able to execute any command line application, including Powershell.exe. It would be able to get the command line error result as an integer which basically shows success or failure.

        Capturing the output may or may not be do-able. Maybe it’s just a case of directing any text output to a text file to be read by a subsequent FILECONTENTS item.

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          David Read

          Thanks Glen.
          Is a CMD item new? I cannot find it in the manual. Pretty sure I have the latest.

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            Look for it in the next release.

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        I’ve been experimenting with powershell scripts to see how i would call it and retrieve results. I’d be interested to see your script to see how you create the text result file.

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      here is a powershell script I use to pull all Microsoft products based on the Publisher value and pull only the DisplayName and DisplayVersion then pipe the output to a text file. Note that the Format is important to ensure that it is clean looking. I use Table

      Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\* | Where-Object Publisher -EQ “Microsoft Corporation” | Select-Object DisplayName, DisplayVersion |Format-Table -AutoSize | Out-File -FilePath C:\DesktopInfo1180\Software.txt

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