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        First off, SDIO is wonderful – very grateful for such a simple and effective product. Thanks Glenn!

        I’m attempting to update via script for the first time. If I open SDIO on the target computer, there are approximately 10 updates needed – all show “Updated driver available” or “Updated driver available which is also more optimal”. When I execute the command calling oakslabs-test.txt (with enableinstall off or on), the end of the output reads:

        Is there something that I’m missing in the select command? I’ve tried running the script with “newer” in place and in addition to the “missing better” flags with no difference. I’ve also tested with x64 and x86 of versions of R710 and R712. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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          It appears the select command is not working correctly. I’ll look into it.

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            I think I found it. Look for a release shortly.

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              Thanks Glenn! Getting closer but still not having success. Output now shows a number of drivers but still nothing selected:

              Out of interest, if I open the app on the target computer, it shows only 7 updates for the missing & better flags. How does the 34 in the script correspond to the 7 in the GUI, or is that also perhaps a bug?

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                34 is the bitmapped representation of the Missing and Better checkboxes where Missing = 2 and Better = 32. 0 is the number of driver pack filters specified.

                The output is showing the select command arguments going in and the results.

                Are you using the oakslabs-test.txt script from the zip file or a modified version? If modified, can you post your script. I tested quite a bit on that script and it’s all working here.

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                  Thanks again for your reply Glenn and sorry for the delayed response on my end. In comparing the scripts, I had mistakenly (?) commented out the “get indexes” line thinking it to be not necessary since we have already pulled local copies of all applicable drivers to our network. When I reactivated the lines, the script does manage to complete but takes noticeably longer than when updating by opening the app directly. The delay occurs at the “{torrent_start” line. Is there some way to determine whether the script is pulling from our local repository or trying to torrent the downloads from outside the network? We also don’t have port 50171 explicitly open in our firewall – could that have some impact?

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                    Please read the section in the manual regarding scripts. Particularly the part that says:

                    “The config file is ignored and all command line arguments prior to -script are ignored. Therefore, all configuration is done within the script. Make no assumptions except the following defaults.

                    No log file
                    No snapshot
                    Driver directory: “drivers”
                    Logs directory: “logs”
                    Indexes directory: “indexes”
                    Extract directory: “%temp%\SDIO”
                    Verbose: nothing
                    Torrent port 50171″

                    You haven’t posted your script so I will assume you haven’t set the config in the script. Update your script to account for your configuration. If that doesn’t work then post your script here and I can look into it further.

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                      Here’s our script:

                      App is running from: \\server\SDIO\SDIO_x64_R714.exe
                      Script is located in: \\server\SDIO\scripts
                      Drivers are saved in: \\server\SDIO\drivers
                      Indexes are saved in: \\server\SDIO\indexes

                      Apologies if I wasn’t interpreting the defaults properly. If they are not relative to the EXE location, should I be specifying the full path to both drivers and indexes? Thanks as always!

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                        Ok, you’re running it from a network share. I’ve tested this scenario and that has uncovered some issues. I’ll deep dive into the code over the coming week and see what emerges.

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                          Thanks again, Glenn – much appreciated! Let me know if I can test in any way (I presume through this board you have access to my email address).

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                            I think I’ve got it. I’ll do some testing over the next few days. I might get you to test it before I make it public.

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                              Nope, I don’t got it. There’s some problem with running it from a UNC path that I can’t pin down. I’ve spent way too much time on it without resolving it so I’ll have to let it go for now.

                              I’ve made a bunch of changes to the code which may or may not help you with your issue. I’ve successfully run it over a mapped drive without any path overrides in the script but it doesn’t work over a UNC network path.

                              So the procedure would be to run it locally to download the latest driver packs and update the indexes. When you want to run it over the network, set up a mapped drive to the directory where the .exe is, make that the current working drive and directory then run it.

                              net use U: “\\server\sdio”
                              cd \
                              sdio.exe -script:scripts\install.txt
                              net use U: /delete

                              I guess you could put this batch file on the server and run *that* over a UNC path.

                              *** LOOK HERE ***
                              I haven’t tested this on v1.6.4. I don’t know if this works or not (hint: I don’t care). I’ve tested it on v1.6.5 and it does work.

                              v1.6.5 sometime today.

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                                Glenn – thank you so much for your efforts and once again for a great program. I’ll definitely be testing the batch script (with 1.6.5!) and will find a way to make it work if things are not set out of the box. Sent a small donation your way earlier in appreciation. Have a wonderful day!

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