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      Boris Suchantke


      I Always (not always, but very often :-)) get an error message after starting SDIO… There is a Windows with a red x saying “Exception: std::bad_alloc / The Programm will self terminate now”… Get this message since three or four revisions, actually I am using the rev 1.6.0. Using it as portable Version with an external USB drive… Any idea?

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      Apparently that exception is thrown when the program runs out of heap memory or some other failure to process a memory allocation request. This might be a memory leak or some environmental problem.

      It doesn’t do that for me so we’ll have to figure out how I can reproduce the problem. Can you pin down a particular environment that will always trigger this error?

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      Edward Sutton, IIImirror176

      I recall badpointer would make versions of snappy with debug symbols to help him track down problems he couldn’t reproduce on his side. I think it either provided a stack trace or complete program memory dump when it crashed so it could be later analyzed on a different system.

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