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      i would like show this error the Snappy Driver Installer Origin 1.4.8 is showing.

      I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. The problematic device is AMD Radeon RX 560 graphic card.
      Apparently it is not recognized in device manager (shows as “Video Controller (VGA compatible)” in “Other devices” category. When i click it to update drivers, it shows: that “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.”

      Before i changed motherboard, it worked good.
      The software is same, but after motherboard change, Windows started detecting devices and installing drivers like the drivers was never installed.
      Alas i do not remember how i installed my graphics card drivers before.

      AMD driver installer (radeon-adrenalin-18.5.1-minimalsetup-180522_64bit) failed and shown an error and when i clicked details, it linked me to this article:

      I found two advices:
      and OR to boot computer in some mode where Windows will not enforce driver signatures or safe mode

      But if i remember right, what helped was to go to Device manager, Other devices, right click and uninstall device drivers. Then if i remember right device ither startted to be recognized or i again right clicked and updated drivers. Or the Snappy driver installer origin, some of the combination of these and It Device manager started showing my graphics car name in graphics section. Thena fter restart it was showing and working good.

      Suggestion/question: can you make the error more meaningful to the noob user so he knows what to do, or can you adjust the snappy installer to automatically do driver uninstallation/backup for me?

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      the error is a windows timeout error, it is not a Snappy error. Look here for some ideas:

      My advice is to remove all device drivers and start again. Having two sets of device drivers installed for two different motherboards is bound to cause issues.

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