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      Thanks for SDIO….great tool.

      Just wondering if in the future the developers might consider adding an option/feature to be able to read driverpacks from .CAB format files?

      All of our PCs/laptops are almost all Dell, and I download model specific .CAB driverpack files via the Dell Driver Pack Catalog (see Right now, to make these work with SDIO, I unpack the CAB files and re-pack as .7z files.

      It would be really handy if SDIO could read (and also re-index) .CAB files directly….

      Thanks in advance.


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      There’s a bunch of reasons why SDIO won’t be able to use anything other than 7-zip. Not least that it would take me months to figure out the code. I’m sure you could put together a batch file to automate the task in about 10 minutes.

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