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      Good evening.

      There is a desire to add the driver ATI Radeon HD 4800 series version 8.950.0.0 for WinXP SP2 x64 Edition to the driver pack. In my experience, this is the latest stable version of the driver for this operating system.
      With newer versions, BSOD takes place during the work of some calculation programs (in particular, BOINC-manager v.7.14.2). Depending on the installed driver version, the error descriptions were different, now I don’t remember …

      SDI v.1.6.1 with DP AMD-XP 20020 offers the latest versions of 8.930.0.0 (more or less stable) and 8.970.100.0 (BSOD) for installation.
      For some reason, the program also produces a Legacy-NT driver, which immediately after installation installs a BSOD.

      The driver took from here:

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      Ben DubinBen

      I don’t believe the author of this app controls the drivers in the Driverpacks, those originate from SamLab:

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      I should also point out that SDIO is not the author of SDI.

      Much of the OP doesn’t make sense other than the poster appears to have installed a video driver that is causing issues. My advice is to install an earlier version of the driver.

      You are correct, I do not control the driver packs, we rely on the good will of Sam.

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      Edward Sutton, IIImirror176

      General driverpack communities attitude toward XP x64 seemed to be ‘you are on your own’. I’d report install issues, especially if installing on x86 produces it. I keep old AMD installers around as I found 4xxx series cards bluescreen if not using official installers but Snappy and the old SAD+related packages both worked after the official installer had been ran. Not sure if I ever reported one of them.

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