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    Hi Glenn,

    Would it be not too difficult to add option to LOGICALDRIVES to place the Drive letter
    in the left-hand column?
    I’ve done it with the following:

    LOGICALDRIVES=active:5, interval:5, diskio:0, include:E, set:disce, display:106, hidden:1
    IF=active:5, value1:%disce%, value2:106, comparator:contains
    LOGICALDRIVES=active:5, interval:5, diskio:0, text:Drive E, include:E, color:%white%, chart:bar linear 100 7 75, bar-colors:%below% %thresh% %above%, threshold1:7 75 #FF0000, 0060f0, display:%5[4.0g]GB, font-face:consolas, font-size:10

    but I need to one set for each drive which make the ini file quite bulky!
    I sometimes need to mount 2 usb drives and up to 4, or more, virtual drives (not all at the same time).

    I had to use the “contains” comparator instaed of “eq” as “set:” added a vertical bar to the variable.


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    I’ll give it some thought. I think we want a way to specify the left text for each data row in the result set. Something like: text:Drive %1:,

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