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      I love the utility and features. I am having a problem trying to do a somewhat simple thing.

      I would like the top most line to just be the HOSTNAME, flush left. If I provide the HOST item, it comes with a left hand column for the text: entry. While I can supply a blank text: entry it still puts the actual hostname output in the right column.

      I tried excluding the text: entry completely. I also tried to leverage the COMMENT item, passing the %host%. In both cases but it does’t display the value stored in host, instead acutally displays “%host%”.

      In the attached screenshot you will see the output from the following two lines:

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      You’re right. There’s no processing on the COMMENT item at all. I would have expected either one of the COMMENT or TEXT items could have been used in this situation but neither will work. I’ll raise a bug to add variable processing to the COMMENT item and/or the left column text for all items in general.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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