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    Brad Arnold

    Not really sure how to describe this, but if I leave a machine logged in, and Desktop Info running it will eventually stop displaying data and just display it’s config.
    Version 1.10.2
    And the program has not hung, it is still updating as I can see the processes and memory sections changing.

    It does it for the entire display, this is just an example:


    active:1,lid:cputype,text:CPU Type
    active:1,text:CPU Count

    And here is the .INI section:
    CPUTYPE=active:1,lid:cputype,text:CPU Type
    CPUCount=active:1,text:CPU Count

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    i’m going to have to see that to understand it. Post a screen shot and set log-level=error and post the log.

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    Brad Arnold

    I saved this screenshot yesterday. I’ll set the log level.
    I think I’ll restart DI with the new log setting, so that’ll take some time (day or two?) for it to go bad again.

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    well I haven’t seen that before. it’s actually displaying it’s config line. Clearly some kind of memory corruption.

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    Brad Arnold

    Unfortunately one of my cohorts logged me out of my test. 🙁
    I just updated to 1.11, and am using my 1.10.2 INI file. We’ll see if the issue comes back.

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    Brad Arnold

    Came back from vacation and it is still running normally.
    Looks like the last update got it resolved.

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