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      Hello Team,

      Thank you for making this tool available for us to use. Very much appreciate the hard work that has gone into this.

      I’ve used Dekstopinfo many years ago and I’ve recently downloaded the latest version 1.17.

      I’ve tried to use my original desktop.ini file from an old version I ran back around 2011 (not sure of that version) but understandably not all the options work in this newer version. I think I can get this working for me if there was a manual with examples of how to add certain options. The two options I struggling with getting to work on this version 1.17 I’ve recently downloaded are:

      Show the IP Address.
      Read the contents of a text file and display on Desktopinfo.

      The problem I’m having with version 1.17 with reading the contents of a text file is instead of reading the contents, Desktop 1.17 gives me the path and filename of the text file I have in the dekstop.ini file. Here is what I put in:

      Comment=active:1,interval:0,color:aaaaaa,style:biu,text:Remote Assistance
      File=active:1,interval:10,color:EECC00,type:text,style:b,text:VNC IP,file:C:\DesktopInfo\remoteassistance.txt

      Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide for me.

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      I think the part you’re missing is the display template, introduced recently. This option allows you to control what is displayed. Each item has a default display value if you don’t specify that option.

      If you look up the manual for the FILE item you will see the possible values you can use in the display template and the default value if nothing is specified. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to document the default but it’s most likely going to be the first return value. In the case of the FILE item, the default for display is the file name being monitored.

      You have a text type for the FILE item so you’ll want your item to look like this:
      File=active:1,interval:10,color:EECC00,type:text,style:b,text:VNC IP,file:C:\DesktopInfo\remoteassistance.txt,display:%2

      I notice the examples in the documentation for that item are missing the display option so I’ll update that for the next release.

      The first item you mention, “Show the IP address”, you’ll need to elaborate on. What item are you using?

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      You might also want to have a look at the FILE2TEXT, FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2 items to see if they fit your needs.

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