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    Paul van der Hulst


    I can’t get desktop info to read the default ini file: desktopinfo.ini, I always get the same default layout, even without any ini files in the .exe folder.
    When I open configuration from the context menu, I get the correct desktopinfo.ini file (judging from the contents which are the same as the file on disk). The actual layout is however different from what is specified in the file.
    Even stranger: When I start desktopinfo from the command line with /ini=…, everything works as expected if the ini file is NOT called desktopinfo.ini. When I set /ini=desktopinfo.ini I get the default layout again, not what is specified in the file.

    I upgraded from an old version (2014, I didn’t record the version since I wasn’t expecting problems.). Initially my own config file WAS used. I renamed the sample ini file to desktopinfo.ini to see what some options would do. After this, nothing I do can change the layout any more.
    Desktopinfo version is 1.10.1
    OS: windows 10 pro 1809 (build 17763.134)
    Expected: desktopinfo honors settings in default desktopinfo.ini file
    actual output: always same default layout
    code snippet: sample ini file with simple edits, such as changed comment entries
    errors: none logged

    Best regards,

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    Hi Paul,

    I can see a confusing situation. I have a couple of thoughts:

    As you know, in v1.10 when there is no desktopinfo.ini file found, the desktopinfo-sample.ini file is copied and used. So if you delete the ini file, next time you run the program a new one is created from the sample. If you delete the ini file while the program is running a new one is created from the sample almost straight away. If you delete both the real ini file and the sample ini file, DesktopInfo ceases to display anything at all.

    If the display is different from what you see in the ini file then I would suggest it is not using that ini file. I suspect that what you see in File Explorer is different to what DesktopInfo is seeing. One explanation for this is that you may have file extensions hidden and you’re being tricked into thinking you have a desktopinfo.ini file when you actually have a desktopinfo.ini.txt file.

    Failing that I recommend you start again with an new empty folder and extract the zip. Run DesktopInfo once and let it create it’s own ini file. Open the configuration from the context menu and modify it and save it and wait for the program to reload the ini and update the display.

    I haven’t tested on 1809 yet. i should probably do that.

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    Paul van der Hulst

    Hi Glenn,

    I found it.
    I unpacked in Program Files (x86). This folder can only be written by the administrator.
    The ii file is therefore not stored in the folder with the .exe, but in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\DesktopInfo

    Bet regards,

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      How did it get there?

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