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        Hi Glenn,

        i am still using DesktopInfo v1.18 because there was no need to change. It just works perfectly for our needs. When i update to the latest version, i get a minor issue with CONTROL. We use it for displaying a hyperlink:

        CONTROL=type:1,text:Support Info, display:Get Support, uri:

        In the old version this worked just fine and only the hyperlink was underlined. With the latest version it also underlines the left column “Support Info”. If i switch to type=0 it works as expected.
        Do you have an idea why this happens? So far i did not find a solution to remove the underline on the left column.


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          I can see why this happens. The hyperlink control is resetting the item style forcing the text to be underlined as well. This is not what we want.

          Perhaps the answer is to apply the item style to both text and hyperlink and always force underline on the hyperlink.

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            is there a way do define this?

            it is also possible to remove underline for both with an empty style 🙂
            CONTROL=type:1,style:,text:Support Info, display:Get Support, uri:

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                is there a way do define this?

                not currently.

                it is also possible to remove underline for both with an empty style

                yes i discovered that, not sure that’s a good thing.

                I want to avoid having two style options so I think the previous idea is the best. That is, style will be applied to both text and hyperlink and in addition, the hyperlink will always be underlined.

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                Would you consider to apply the “style” attribute only to the hyperlink, instead of the left column text? Or alternatively, apply it to the hyperlink if wide:1 is set, i.e. only the hyperlink is shown.

                I use CONTROL=type:1 for a lot of hyperlinks to display RSS feeds (over both columns), and I don’t want them to be underlined. But I saw that it is forced on v2.7.0, so I still need to use v2.6.1 for now.

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                    I said to myself, perhaps I should allow for the possibility that someone, somewhere might want a hyperlink without the underline. And I said, nah it’ll be fine.

                    So I will introduce a new option called control-style which, if present, will provide style options independently of the text style. If not present, the control style will behave as it does now.

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