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      I found your program about a month or so ago and it’s really good! (Started off using 1.15 then 1.16 couple of days later)

      This morning i noticed your released 1.17 and downloaded it and replaced the files however it seems in 1.17 even though it says alignment fixed (Change 3) using text and control it’s actually broken where it was not in 1.16.

      This is been tried on Windows 1809 / 1903

      I have linked some examples: (Showing the difference between 1.16 and 1.17 it also happens with your own advanced .ini file)

      Broken on 1.17 - Advanced .ini

      CONTROL=active:6,type:0,text:Tools,display:Device Manager,uri:devmgmt.msc

      This is your own file included in 1.17 – Tools gets cut off even though all the additional spaces as without that it shows nothing like in my example below

      My example broken in 1.17

      My quick example showing the example broke in 1.17

      CONTROL=active:1,color:Text:1234567890,button-color:#C3D4E4,Display:Example Button Here, uri:

      Same .ini example working fine 1.16

      My quick example showing the example works fine in 1.16

      CONTROL=active:1,Text:1234567890,button-color:#C3D4E4,Display:Example Button Here, uri:

      One other question is there a possibly to have the Control object in the first column so you have a button linking to a URL without any text to the left hand side.

      No log file as it doesn’t error out

      Thanks again

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      Seems the img tags failed on me – Hopefully the link tags work!:


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      Hi Richard, thanks for the report. I can see from the screen captures that the column 1 text is partially blanked out. Is the same true when using a hyperlink?

      What I’ve discovered is the text is always blanked initially after loading the config. If I right click refresh, the text is fully displayed. If I make another ini change, the text is blanked again. So it always happens right after loading the config and only for buttons, not for hyperlinks.

      I’ll raise a bug and get that fixed.

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      Hello Glenn,

      I had a chance to test it out and your correct it only seems to happen on buttons not hyperlinks.

      Cheers again for great program and quick reply.

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