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      I have followed the development of this tool for a while, it is very useful, limited only by the users imagination and coding skill.

      I note that in version 3.2 released in September, the Context menu no longer includes options such as Reload, Configuration, Manual, Export, About or Quit; it has all the different “pages” as defined, but, nothing else.

      I only noticed this because I installed it incorrectly. I normally just dump the contents of the compressed file into the directory I created for DesktopInfo, not much has changed, it always works, right. Wrong, in this release, the 32bit version is in a separate directory and I discovered I was running a previous version of Desktopinfo.exe which was left orphaned when I dumped the zip file contents, overwriting anything with the same name.

      Not being able to easily reload and kill the process is a problem when I am testing and modifying the Desktopinfo.ini file. Also, I am no longer able to easily determine the version of the code I have running.

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      If you find your context menu options have gone missing, copy and paste the [text] section from one of the sample ini files.

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      Thanks, that fixed it, everything is now where it should be!

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