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      I really like your tool. I work with a lot of PC’s and a lot of older hardware that often lacks manufacturers support for more modern OS’s.

      I think it would be useful, not sure how possible, to have a command line switch for SDI that would let it run and only update the driver packs but totally in the background. That is not have the app and the window for the app but perhaps just an entry in the system tray that perhaps would show you the UL and DL progress and the torrent status. This is something you would run full time to keep up to date.

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      My personal opinion is updating old working hardware with new untested drivers is a recipe for disaster. That said, making SDIO into a system tray application is not something I can see myself ever doing. I can imagine a situation where SDIO is running idle on a server and regularly checks for torrent updates and grabs the latest driver packs.

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