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        One question and one possible bug.

        What led you to use reverse RGB? I have not found any other reference to this concept anywhere. I’m just curious.

        And the possible bug. I am expecting 000000 to be black, but it is making the text transparent. No matter what color background I use, 000000 makes the text the same color as the background.

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          The Delphi compiler made me do it.

          Windows wants a color to be the transparent color, I chose black. The result is if you make the text black it goes transparent. Instead you should make it close to black, 000001.

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            “Delphi made me do it.” Ha! I wonder if that’ll work at home? 🙂

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              I just read your FAQ on the BGR. What if you allowed us to use RGB, and then, after you read in the color code, you just reversed it in your internal code? I do a lo of programming, but not sure if this is possible with your coding.

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                That would be very easy for me to do but very confusing, not only for me who has been programming this thing for 13 years but also for many users who have been using it for nearly as long.

                What I might think about is adding an option called “color-mode” which has two options, “bgr” and “rgb”. The default would be “bgr” so it continues to work as it always has but if you really must have rgb you could do that. Internally I can switch it back to bgr.

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