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      Windows 10 x64 1809
      SDIO 1.4.9
      Hello. I’ve already stumbled to this problem several times on different windows versions and different SDIO releases. For some reason SDIO starts to seed new driver packs after it downloads them and I can’t find a way to stop this process and install updated driver packs.
      Yes, usually i set checkbocks to seed files after they are downloaded to support others with fast download as my PC works 24/7, but also I want to be abble to update driver packs for myself too.
      What I’ve tried is to click on download bar to stop seeding, but it doesn’t works. It simply changes text to “Click to select updates” and seeding continues. If i close SDIO and start it again it would suggest me to update my driver packs, I click the bar, select all updates, make sure checkbocks to seed files after download is not set and click OK. SDIO checks downloaded files and start seeding files.
      Probably I miss something, but it feels like SDIO ignores unchecked option.
      If you need logs I’ll provide them lightning fast, just ask. 🙂

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      I see it’s not working quite the way the manufacturer intended. I’ll have a look.

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      I can make a video to demonstrate a problem. Would it be helpful?

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      It’s how it looks like.

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      When you start to download updates and you check the “Continue Seeding” checkbox, the seeding is done from whatever files are in the “Updates” folder, what you’ve just finished downloading.

      Normally when updates are finished downloading, they are moved to the main “Drivers” folder and indexed. When the checkbox is checked, this is deferred until you stop the torrent.

      Conversely, if you select “Start Seeding Drivers” from the menu, the seeding is done from your main “Drivers” folder.

      I think perhaps a better plan is to allow the updates to finish moving and indexing and then begin seeding from the main “Drivers” folder

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      I’ve changed the way it works so that when it finishes downloading updates, it will move the files and build the indexes first. Then, if you’ve checked the checkbox, it will begin seeding the drivers.

      I’ll get the new version out this week.

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      Awesome! I’m so glad to hear that! No more infinite updates. =)
      Thank you a lot, Glenn!!!
      Looking forward for a new version. =D

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      Let me know how it goes so I know it’s working. I notice sometimes when you click the bar to “Stop Seeding”, it can sometimes take a while to stop but it does stop eventually.

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      In version 1.5.1 the problem persists. I’ve downloaded Application Only archve, unzipped it, after app launched I’ve Accepted license and selected to download all Driver Packs. After download finished SDIO started to seed updates. I’ve closed an app and launched it again. It checked files and started to seed them. I cant find a way to skip seeding updates.
      I’ve switched off updates in settings and relaunched an app, it didn’t use downloaded files to install driverpacks and create index.

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        Very strange. I’ve never seen it behave like that.

        Let me be sure I understand. Tell me if the following is true.

        1. Download zip
        2. Download all driver packs
        3. When download is complete SDIO starts seeding
        4. Close SDIO
        5. Launch SDIO
        6. SDIO immediately starts seeding again.

        can you explain what you mean by ” it didn’t use downloaded files to install driverpacks and create index”

        3. When downloading driver packs is complete, does it index the driver packs?

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          After downloading file is finished SDIO doesn’t index driver packs. That’t the problem.
          I’ve meant that driver packs are 100% downloaded, but when I start SDIO it looks like it ignores downloaded files.

          I can make a video – I think it would explain better.

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            Ok, I’ll see what I can find out.

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              Here is a video of the problem I recorded.
              I can send you any required log files or even provide you access to my PC with AnyDesk.

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      After trying various scenarios over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem. Have you noticed anything on the console output?

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