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      Chris ...Chris …

        Hey Glenn, Hows it going?

        Sorry for the Strain i put on the Website.. I was playing around with WGet Scraping.. trying to scrape a few levels of the site for an to auto download/update SDIO and i’m not sure why but it just wouldnt stop Scraping info.. i started checking something else and got distracted and when i realised it was still going i had to force close it.. i’m not sure why cause it only scraped like a 500kb .log from the other websites.. Maybe it was the link, I’m new to Scraping sites for info so still have no idea what i’m doing.

        SDIO is an amazing program, Kinda thing i’ve wanted for awhile cause driver booster displays too many ads etc But when i was doing some testing today it fails to connect to Port and wont download anything unless i run a VPN.

        I promise i wont scrape the website again, the scripts\autoupdate.bat contains deprecated options so i was looking for an alternative and also a way for me to update all the other programs i have made .bat files for without worrying about version variations in the Link/Name.

        Very sorry for the inconvenience.. Wont happen again!

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          you don’t appear to be banned but the security is not at all happy with what you were doing, “Request to REST API denied”.

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          Chris ...Chris …

            Huh ok, well yea i cant say i blame it tbf, i’m not sure how long it was scraping for :/

            I get this when i try to visit this website under normal circumstances..
            And when running the script it seems to just get stuck downloading index torrent.

            Is there anything other than not doing anything for awhile that i can do to remedy it?
            It would be a shame if the automated bat/script i created wont work under my IP :/

            Thanks for the help, appreciate it!

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              Your activities are too bot-like and the IP was blocked by the bot detector. I’ve unblocked it but you need to be a little less bot-like.

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              Chris ...Chris …

                Thank you glenn, You are a legend mate! Really appreciate it 🙂

                I’ve managed to get the Scrape.bat working.. i’ve been testing it repeatedly on Github and with no issues, i would like to test it on this website but i wont just incase cause i’m not entirely sure how bot-like the new command is and really dont wanna risk getting banned again 😀

                Thanks again mate.

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