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        Windows: Windows 10 Pro x64 1809
        Product version: 2.9.0

        I was trying to migrate my config file from “bar” to “bar2” and “line” to “line2”. I have noticed that the DesktopInfo application does not parse the configuration file correctly. If you load the old configuration, the items are rendered correctly. However if you load the new one, the program options from the config file are not parsed (font, font size, navigation, right click, etc.).

        There is no error log file, i think this parameter is also not parsed.

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          My files was not accepted because “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

          I have renamed them to TXT files.

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            I notice the encoding on the new file is UTF-8-BOM while the encoding on the old file is UTF-8.

            When I switch the encoding on the new file to regular UTF-8, it behaves correctly.

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              You are right, i feel really stupid. After i converted to UTF-8 everything works fine.

              Thank you for your kind help.

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