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      Hey, I’m having an issue where I am testing the latest version of DesktopInfo. Awesome program by the way and I truly appreciate the effort it must have taken to create this handy application. Away I digress. I’m testing the latest version (2.9.0) and the background is always transparent no matter what I do.

      Our current deployment works fine for the most part. Our current version for reference is 1.51. However, with windows ten some of the options don’t work as expected. Especially pulling the OS version. It helps me to know at a glance if a machine has been updated to the latest version of Windows 10 or not.

      I did try using my new ini file with the old version but it didn’t work. So I’m just curious if I am doing something wrong with the overall ini file or if this is a known issue. I have attached my ini file in txt format. If someone could review it that would be helpful to me. I did read in the PDF or on the site I don’t remember that the base is 000000 so I have to do an offset of “black” to make it function. Which I did with no change in my result.

      OS: Windows 10 (2004) [Professional]
      DesktopInfo Version: 2.9.0
      Issue: Solid Background is not working
      Expectation: Black Background behind info
      Log File: No log file, can enable it and upload if needed.

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      i plugged in your ini file and it seems to be ok. Screen shot attached using your ini file unaltered. The only advice I can think of is to start fresh with the new version using the ini file packaged with it and set transparency to 0 first then set the formcolor to 000001.

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      I will go ahead and try that and see what happens thank you. Will respond with the results. If it still isn’t working are there any specific logs I can get to help isolate the cause?

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      Thank you. I started with a clean file made a few changes and then it was working as expected. A few moments later it went back to a transparent view. So I started again and made one change at a time. Something about doing multiple changes at once seems to make it act crazy. But none the less it appears to be working properly right now and I appreciate you checking my file.

      I use this in a Boys and Girls Club to help me out. Since I am remote to the club usually an issue is emailed to me or I’m getting a phone call. This allows the users on site to be able to quickly give me valid information that I so desperately need to troubleshoot, without having to walk them through command lines or settings.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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