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      SDIO is working extremely well, but it is prompting to update my ATI Radeon HD5450 driver, with the latest set of AMD drivers.

      The last release for the HD5000 range by AMD is here:
      Dated 2015.

      No other (non-beta) updates work.

      Is there anyway of stopping SDIO (not just for me) from prompting to update past the last official release driver for the HD5000 range?

      Windows 10 (1909) 64bit fully patched.


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      Are you saying the AMD drivers are not official?

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      Ben DubinBen

      I’ve also seen this on some PCs with old ATI cards, SDIO recognizes the drivers as compatible because the hardware IDs match with newer drivers included in the DriverPacks, but drivers newer than a certain version will fail to install on these cards.

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      I’m a big fan of not blindly installing the ‘latest and greatest’ drivers. I suggest you switch off the “Newer” option.

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      Edward Sutton, IIImirror176

      I recall some of the newer AMD installers (therefore more up to date version tags show up when indexed) install an older version than what they say they are. Similar issue happens to me on some Killer network drivers if I recall. If I recall, v15.7.1 is buggy on different cards+operating systems.
      I would find+use a newer or older version if you find any system issues. I think the beta had issues with some opengl or other advanced features not working right when I tested but 15.7.1 issues manifested in more obscure ways like out of memory when trying to play a video with windows media player and other random system bugs. Going up (yes, some v15 existed for some cards+operating systems even though they are not commonly found now) even if to the beta or going down to an older version would dodge those.
      You could also get in touch with samlabs to see if they can do something on the packaging end to get that invalid detection to stop.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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