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      Brent ArmstrongBrent Armstrong

      Hi there, thanks so much for your time and for the creation of this software.

      I was wondering, lets say I needed to add a driver that is currently not in the pack. Let’s say it is a GPU driver from Nvidia. In theory, would this be as easy as locating the correct driver on Nvidia, packing it with 7zip, then placing it in the drivers folder?

      Am I over complicating this? What is the correct method to add drivers to this or can it be done?

      I have downloaded some driver packs from here:

      However these are not always provided as .7z files and it seems when I add these packs to SDI it may or not break the whole tool from functioning correctly.

      Lastly, if I did acquire a driver pack from another source that was in .zip format. Could I unzip this and rezip it to .7z format place it in the driver directory and would this then work with your tool?

      Thanks in advance for your time.

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      you have it in a nutshell. create a 7z file of a folder containing your driver files. make sure it has the *.inf files and *.cat files as well as the binaries. zip it to your own unique driver pack name so it doesn’t stomp on the others but make sure you follow the naming conventions. For example, I created my own driver pack called “DP_SDIO_21090.7z”. add it to the “drivers” directory. when SDIO starts it should index it.

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      Brent ArmstrongBrent Armstrong

      Thanks again for the time and detailed reply, I will try.

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