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    • Scheduled Task creating white rectangle I have configured DesktopInfo wit a scheduled Task to create a lockscreen.jpg with a snapshot like SNAPSHOT=interval:60,infile:C:\DesktopInfo\Desktop_1920x1080.jpg,outfile:C:\DesktopInfo\Lockscreen.jpg,left:1600 I'm Testing System account and administrator account, the lockscreen.jpg is using the right wallpaper but a white rectangle for DesktopInfo is shown on the position instead of the data. If I'm starting it from a normal cmd with the same administrator account it works without issues. ...

      Started by: Matthias Schlimm in: Desktop Info

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    • 2 years ago


    • snapshot Howdy! Trying to figure out how to use the snapshot feature to output a file (for use on the lock screen). I can't find an example of usage anywhere, maybe someone could give me the code to use it please? Thanks!

      Started by: kyle in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago


Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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