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    • bug in del_old_driverpacks.bat The driverpack cleanup batch file wrongfully attempts to delete DP_Sounds_Realtek_22035.7z, even though this driverpack is up to date (included in the latest driverpack torrent.) I'm no expert, but it looks like it's confusing DP_Sounds_Realtek_DCH_22043.7z as a newer version when the DCH and non-DCH should be seen as separate and unrelated packs.

      Started by: Ben DubinBen Dubin in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • 3 days ago

      Pier BPier B

    • No longer finding updates On all three of my windows PCs, 2 windows 10 21h1 and 1 windows 11 21h2, SDIO when going to the download window, shows all packs "For this PC" to be "NO". It has worked in the past but no longer. It will still update drivers if I manually download all driver packs, but that defeats the purpose of the feature. I tried deleting indexes and still no luck. I also tried changing the windows version to 10 on the windows 11 pc but still doesn't work. any ideas?

      Started by: chris41gchris41g in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • Error: install : Nothing selected First off, SDIO is wonderful - very grateful for such a simple and effective product. Thanks Glenn! I'm attempting to update via script for the first time. If I open SDIO on the target computer, there are approximately 10 updates needed - all show "Updated driver available" or "Updated driver available which is also more optimal". When I execute the command calling oakslabs-test.txt (with enableinstall off or on), the end of the output reads: echo Downloading and Installing drivers... 0 driv...

      Started by: Dan in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • Telegram chat community It would be really nice to be possible for the contributors & users of SDIO to communicate in real time, so i created a SDIO Telegram group. Plus, i found no way of contacting you (main dev Glenn) There are many Telegram groups for various open source projects. If you (main dev) have a telegram, please join the group or create an account so i can make you an admin. If you don't want this, i can as well remove it, but i will make you an "owner" and you can remove me as admin if you want. Grou...

      Started by: aha999aha999 in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • Idea for Next Update On the off chance the dev reads this, I got an idea for the next SDIO update Basically, I got this update for my "Realtek PCIE CardReader Extension Component", and everytime I install this update and restart, this update continues to show on SDIO, no matter which edition of SDIO I use So maybe a feature to select any drivers that show on our list, and either add it to an "ignore this update only" list so only future versions show on SDIO when we update the drive indexes, or another list which ...

      Started by: John in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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      Edward Sutton, IIImirror176

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