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    • [BUG] Command-Line autoinstall not working Hello! I would like to integrate SDIO into my windows automation setup. I'm using SetupComplete.cmd after windows is installed unattended to install the drivers using SDIO. As of today, I started the application by calling the SDIO_auto.bat and further selected all drivers not installed and pressed install. Then I thought about doing it automatically and found the -autoinstall option. In combination with the -autoclose option it is what I'm searching for. 1. Start the application 2. Install ...

      Started by: Simon RädlerSimon Rädler in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • 10 months ago

      Simon RädlerSimon Rädler

    • Scripting NVIDIA Studio Drivers Hi everyone! I've been tasked with automating the nvidia driver updates at my company. We already use SDIO so making use of its scripting features made a lot of sense. I think i have a pretty decent idea of how to make it work, but I was wondering if anyone knew how i could specify that I want the Studio Drivers from Nvidia? Ive tried specifying different things upon making my selection, but they both appear to be coming from the same archive, so im not sure how i would go about selecting a...

      Started by: pol lazarropol lazarro in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • 12 months ago

      nintendo 1889nintendo 1889

    • Autoexec script on load Hi Glenn, Is there a possibility to automatically execute a powershell script on initial load? This would enable us to fix the scaling issue. We'd like to change monitor resolution to a low value and back to the original value by script. The scaling is mutch better afterwards.

      Started by: lobsilobsi in: Desktop Info

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    • 2 years ago


    • Error: install : Nothing selected First off, SDIO is wonderful - very grateful for such a simple and effective product. Thanks Glenn! I'm attempting to update via script for the first time. If I open SDIO on the target computer, there are approximately 10 updates needed - all show "Updated driver available" or "Updated driver available which is also more optimal". When I execute the command calling oakslabs-test.txt (with enableinstall off or on), the end of the output reads: echo Downloading and Installing drivers... 0 driv...

      Started by: Dan in: Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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    • 3 years ago


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