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    • Wrong font-size after startup Hi, first, the expected Metadata: Windows: Windows 10 20H2 Desktop Info: 3.3.1 Snippet from config.ini: (complete options block) [options] font-face=Arial font-size=11 #cleartype=1 # size and position monitor-mode=1 top=0 right=0 nav=0 #formcolor=501020 # logging log=desktopinfo.log log-level=debugonerror # misc #ignore-setting-change=1 #[screen-saver] #font-size=16 #centerv=1 #centerh=1 #formcolor=501020 The Problem: I put a link of Desktop Info in the autostart folder of Windows for...

      Started by: TheBoneZoneTheBoneZone in: Desktop Info

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    • Issue with font-quality option Hi Glenn, Many thanks for a great tool, and forgive me if it's me doing something wrong. Running Windows 10 Pro 20H1 64bit. My laptop has a 1920x1080 display, and Windows recommends (and is set to) 125% 'for scale and layout' in Display settings. Since v3.2, no matter which value I choose in my ini file for 'font-quality', the text in Desktop Info doesn't change quality, and is stuck on (I think) anti-aliased. However, if I change the scaling to 100% before I launch Desktop Info, the font...

      Started by: IHIH in: Desktop Info

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