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    • Scaling with 4K (or high resolution) Displays Hello! I am writing to ask about 4K displays and the desktopinfo app appearing to be very small. auto-scale set to 0 or 1 does not resolve it. But, increasing the font size does. But in a purely imaged environment, this is difficult as it isn't homogeneous. How can we make it appear to have the same size regardless of display resolution? Or, do we truly need different INI files based on the resolution of the device being imaged?

      Started by: Tim PTim P in: Desktop Info

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    • CONTROL – Button/Hyperlink ignoring alignment Hi Glenn, Currently using latest x64 version and it would appear that CONTROLS ignore the align setting in high DPI screens and are defaulting to center. See attached images: 1. Correct display on non-scaled display 2. Incorrect display on high dpi (300%) scaled display Device details: =============== Windows 10 = 2004 DTI =

      Started by: Ben WilsonBen Wilson in: Desktop Info

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    • 1 year ago

      Ben WilsonBen Wilson

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