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    • Deduped Drive space response I've noticed that the LOGICALDRIVES drive space isn't consistent on disks that are deduped. The graph does look about right but not the drive details. Here is my .ini code: LOGICALDRIVES=active:1,interval:5,chart:bar linear 100 7 75,row-text:%1: (%2) %3,display:%6[1.0B]B / %5[1.0B]B (%7[1.0f]% used) I've attached an example of what DesktopInfo is showing and what the OS is showing for space left. Thanks!

      Started by: phlegmerphlegmer in: Desktop Info

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    • Storage Logical Drives Line Charts Not Updating I have the following as my storage configuration, but I am only seeing the first drive updating. Is there a better way to specify a configuration that achieves what I am looking for? #storage COMMENT=active:1,color:DDDDDD,style:bu,text:Storage LOGICALDRIVES=interval:1,include:c,diskio:1,chart:line log 22 11 00ff00 13 bb00bb,row-text:%1:/ (%3),display:Size: %5[1.0B]B Used: %6[1.0B]B Free: %8[1.0B]B (%7[1.1f]% Usage)|Read: %11[1.1B]B/s\, Write: %13[1.1B]B/s\, Queue: %17 LOGICALDRIVES=interval:1,i...

      Started by: Stephane Sechaud in: Desktop Info

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