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    • GPU Line Chart Hello, i have made a cmd script to show the usage of my nvidia gpu. I would like to make a line chart of that data, but the chart is empty. CMD=active:1,interval:3,hide-no-result:1,file:cmd.exe,parameters:/C script\get-nvidia-usage.cmd,trim,show-window:0,chart:line linear 100 1 00ff00,display:%4,text:GPU Usage,color:FFFFFF And the cmd script: [crayon-6575ea4359e40078589375/] Did you have a hint for me? Greetings

      Started by: echoecho in: Desktop Info

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    • GPU: nvidia-smi or alternativ Hello, I am very impressed with the program "DesktopInfo". I've done some work with it, but I'm not a hardcore programmer. I'm currently stuck at the problem that I want to read the GPU data. It should be best if its generic for NVDIDA, AMD and INTEL. I currently only have NVIDIA, so I'm just testing it with that. "DesktopInfo" can not natively read GPU data (or i dont know how). So I need a workaroud. I was able to read some data via nvidia-smi and the CMD window. Actually I could read my mos...

      Started by: BazokaaBazokaa in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago


Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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