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    • CPU Core Info and Usage in-line I have 2 lines in the script, WMI=text:CPU Info,namespace:root\cimv2,query:Win32_Processor,display:Cores:%NumberOfCores%\, Max Sp:%MaxClockSpeed%MHz\, Cur Sp:%CurrentClockSpeed%MHz CPUUSAGE=interval:1,font-size:8,row-text:Cpu %1,chart:line max:100 series1:2 color1:00ff00 row-id:1,alarms:(%2 ge 80 0000f0),display:%2[2.0d]% %chart% these are creating 2 separate clusters correctly (see the attached pic). But I want each CPUUSAGE graph to appear after each CPU CORE INFO instead of the cluster form...

      Started by: biplab54biplab54 in: Desktop Info

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    • Help to migrate from v2.3x to v3.3x Hi. Can someone help me to convert my desktopinfo.ini from version 2.31 to 3.30. I want mantain the same layout (cpu usage mainly) Thanks in advance. [options] # size and position top=90 right=1 width=475 allowdrag=0 column1width=120 # color formcolor=330033 transparency=10 # font font-face=Consolas font-size=9 font-charset=0 font-rtl=0 cleartype=1 # logging log=desktopinfo.log log-level=error # navigation nav=0 #monitorar processos com mais de 4GB desktopinfo64=1 [text] noresults=&l...

      Started by: roadarsiroadarsi in: Desktop Info

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