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    • Suggestions Hi. First of all, thanks for making this great utility. I would like to make some suggestions about features that I think would be interesting in Desktop Info: - Possibility to align items to the center of the columns. - An option for LOGICALDRIVES / PHYSICALDRIVES to open Windows Explorer by clicking on each displayed drive. Explorer would open with the drive path. - A new item to show processes with network activity.

      Started by: MonMon in: Desktop Info

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    • 1 year ago

      Nilton Röhricht JuniorNilton Röhricht Junior

    • CONTROL – Button/Hyperlink ignoring alignment Hi Glenn, Currently using latest x64 version and it would appear that CONTROLS ignore the align setting in high DPI screens and are defaulting to center. See attached images: 1. Correct display on non-scaled display 2. Incorrect display on high dpi (300%) scaled display Device details: =============== Windows 10 = 2004 DTI =

      Started by: Ben WilsonBen Wilson in: Desktop Info

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    • 2 years ago

      Ben WilsonBen Wilson

    • CONTROL inconsistencies Windows vers : 1803 / 1809 / 1903 Product vers : 2.6.0 (symptoms since > 2.3.1) I’ve experienced these symptoms using the (DTI) CONTROL function since version 2.3.1 – been unable to upgrade … I'm displaying a support button for users to click which takes them to a support URL based on the version of their OS (feature update). That is, I’d like users who are running 1903 to have a default (normal) help page ( & users who have yet to move (< 1903) to our t...

      Started by: in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago

    • CONTROL and CONTROL2 Hi Glenn, Thanks for v2.4.0 I tried Control and Control2. Clicking on buttons 2 and 3 was ok but when clicking on button 1 the DTI window disappeared and DTI CPU usage rocketed to 25%!!. I think the problem is with "wide:1". I tried "wide:0" and it appeared to work. Regards, Bob

      Started by: Anonymous in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago


    • User Variables and Control functions Hi Glen, how is it possible to combine two Control buttons in one text output? I've tried the following, but it doesn't work :/ CONTROL=active:1,text:test111: ,display:Test text1,type=0,uri:tel:123456789,set:Variable1,hidden:0 CONTROL=active:1,text:test222: ,display:Test, text2,type=0,,set:Variable2,hidden:0 TEXT=active:1, text:TestOutput,display:%Variable1% - %Variable2% Any idea? Would be very nice! :) Thanks!

      Started by: Tom in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago


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