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    • CPU Line Chart Width I am using the version 3.4. For CPU I have, CPU=interval:1,text:CPU,background-interval:10,chart:line max:100 series1:1 color1:00ff00 series2:2 color2:0000bb,alarms:(%1 ge 80 0000ff)(%2 ge 40 0000ff),display:Tot: %1[2.0f]%\, Krnl: %2[2.0f]%\, Queue: %3 but I found the line chart too slim (attached). How can I increase the width?

      Started by: biplab54biplab54 in: Desktop Info

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    • 11 months ago


    • Disk I/O with lined chart Dear Glenn. Thank You for this great tool. I used for a long Time the Version 1.5 and upgraded now to There are many new features here and I am currently working my way through your manual. But I can't set an Disk-IO-Chart as "line" similar to the Chart of the old Version 1.5. Can you give me a hint how to get a result like in the attached image (from version 1.5)? Many thanks in advance Robert

      Started by: Marmor626Marmor626 in: Desktop Info

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    • 1 year ago


    • Auto-adapting Charts Hello! I am enjoying Desktop Info a lot! I have only one question, maybe it's an enhancement request: Can the parameter "max=####", used in the charts, be made auto-adapting? I am thinking about the charts in the Windows Task Manager: they start with a low scale, then when the max value is reached and mantained for few seconds, they automatically change the scale to a higher value. This would allow the same configuration to display meaningful charts even in different networks - for example my...

      Started by: raffaelebiancoraffaelebianco in: Desktop Info

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    • 1 year ago


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