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    • Remove Wallpaper – and set colored background First of all - a great thank you for providing an excellent and very userful tool. Can I just say Wow! I love it! is there a a way to remove the desktop wallpaper and set the desktop color to any rgb value choosen? The use case behind: We often have a group of (similiar - and similiear named) servers, which were operate in a 'production', 'test', 'staging' and 'development' version. Now, when having logins/Remote-Desktops to same functional server but from different environment, I want to cle...

      Started by: Thomas HirschThomas Hirsch in: Desktop Info

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    • 2 months ago


    • Background | Always Transparent | Wanting it Black Hey, I'm having an issue where I am testing the latest version of DesktopInfo. Awesome program by the way and I truly appreciate the effort it must have taken to create this handy application. Away I digress. I'm testing the latest version (2.9.0) and the background is always transparent no matter what I do. Our current deployment works fine for the most part. Our current version for reference is 1.51. However, with windows ten some of the options don't work as expected. Especially pulling the...

      Started by: sdhughessdhughes in: Desktop Info

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    • 3 years ago


Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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