Desktop Info v3.7.0

Version 3.7.0
August 2022

Reminder: The following options are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:
• In the [options] section: nav, nav-align, nav-color, logo, logo-width, logo-height, logo-align
• In the [text] section: nav-previous, nav-home, nav-next
For a banner logo, use the IMAGE item. To place the logo at the top of every page, add the global:0
option. For standard navigation at the bottom of each page, use the NAV item with the global:-1

Change 1: Added the eval option to the IF item. This sets the number of following items that will be
evaluated if the IF item returns TRUE and hence the items that will be skipped if it is FALSE.

Change 2: Updated the onload common option so that it works correctly with the eval option in the
IF item.

Change 3: Added user variables to the font-size option.

Change 4: Added the global common option so that you can define an item once and show it on
every page. Useful for banners, graphics, messaging, navigation etc.

Change 5: Added the NAV item. This is basically a replica of, and deprecates, the old nav entries in
the [options] section and [text] section. Eventually I’ll enhance this to make it more flexible. A
direct replacement of the old navigation would be: NAV=global:-1. This creates navigation buttons
at the bottom of each page.

Change 6: Added the no-wait common option. This allows long running items to be evaluated in
their own thread without blocking the main collector thread. Keeps the display ticking over.

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