Desktop Info v3.10.0

Version 3.10.0
January 2023

Change 1: More work and additions to NETSTATS. Now shows traffic stats for TCP connections.
Still researching UDP traffic. The return values have changed.

Change 2: Added option to start W mode to the context menu. It’s caption text in the [text] section
is menu-wmode.

Change 3: Added support for user variables to IMAGE file option during load-up.

Change 4: Added the key and value values to the SET return values for debugging. Set hidden:0.

Change 5: Expanded display height for very long displays. In ‘W’ mode this is now possible.

Change 6: Fixed oversight with key words in the BEGIN-ONLOAD section.

Change 7: Added the [options-w] section to the ini file. This provides an alternative set of options
for the W mode, DesktopInfoW.exe. You can add toolbar=0 to disable the top toolbar in W mode.

Change 8: W mode process priority is set to normal.

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