Desktop Info v2.9.0 Released

Version v2.9.0
October 2020
The main focus of this version is the new improved charts. The old charts are still supported for the time being but will eventually go away so you should change over to the new charts as soon as you can. The [pages] section and the active item option will eventually be removed in favour of the PAGE and PAGE-TITLE keys entered throughout the [items] section. You should update your ini files now to avoid disappointment later on.

Sometimes I miss something in the manual that should have been updated to reflect changes to the application so if you see any out of date information, please let me know so I can bring it up to date.

Change 1: Added the ‘unknown’ text string for situations where item results are incomplete such as LOGICAL_DRIVES file system and volume name.

Change 2: Added bar2 and line2 charts. These are more flexible and overcome a lot of the limitations of the old charts. Both can chart every data row of a result set. Bar charts can display two series and line charts can display three series. Remember, multi-row line charts require the row-id option. See the new Charts section for details. The old charts are still available but are deprecated and will eventually go away. See Legacy Charts. For a quick overview on moving from old charts to new charts, see the Moving To The New Charts section.

Change 3: The sample ini files have been updated to the new charts.

Change 4: If the %chart% placeholder is not present in an item display template, it will be added to the end with a line feed so the chart will occupy it’s own display row after the item data. However, you can place it anywhere in the display template. If you’re using an older ini file this may result in a blank line before the chart. Just remove the extra line feed pipe from the end of the display template.

Change 5: If a chart is displaying a metric that is alarming then the chart frame will change color as well.

Change 6: Extended the item set option to allow setting multiple variables from the raw data. See the Item Set Option section for more details.

Change 7: Added more flexible ways to define values in the threshold item option such as user variables, expressions, percent style return value numbers and wmi style return value names.

Change 8: Added a last resort attempt to convert the CMD output to a number so it can be charted. That is to say, the CMD output is expected to be a string for display but it might return a single numeric value that can be charted.

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