Desktop Info v2.8.0 Released

I’ve started refactoring the charts to make them more flexible. I’m not there yet but this version does surface some benefits of the changes. Because there’s changes to underlying chart code, you should check your existing charts to make sure they’re all still as they should be and let me know if you find anything “of interest”. I’m also building a scripted test harness that hopefully will help find regression errors before shipping. I know what you’re thinking and I’ve been suggesting this to our large development team for ages but they’ve only just started thinking about it.

Change 1: Added ignore-setting-change option. This will suppress some redraws by ignoring Windows WM_SETTINGCHANGE messages triggered by events such as desktop background color changes and remote desktop session connects.

Change 2: Added control-style option to hyperlink controls.

Change 3: You can now place additional text after the bar chart %chart% place holder in the item display option. The bar chart width will shrink accordingly.

Change 4: In negative bar charts, the colors are no longer hard coded. The color is now calculated from the data value and the bar-colors option and could be anywhere on the gradient.

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