Desktop Info v2.7.0 Released

Change 1: Added an Export tool to the context menu. This exports all active, non-hidden items to a file using the selected template file. The menu is populated with files found in the templates directory. You can hide it by setting menu-export in the [text] section to blank. The resulting file is automatically opened in the default viewer for the file type. From there you can print it or save it to your preferred name and location. Remember that initially not all items have data, you might need to scroll through the pages once before doing an export. It does not export charts.
Change 2: Resolved problem with hyperlink forcing underline on it’s accompanying text. Now the default is no styling on the text and underline on the hyperlink. The style option will be applied to both the text and the hyperlink and additionally, the actual hyperlink will always be underlined.
Change 3: Updated language strings.
Change 4: Found a few more functions that needed to be updated for multi-byte.
Change 5: Fixed bug in WMI date/time field processing that was mangling any WMI query with a date/time field.
Change 6: Expanded the options for specifying a chart series. A series can now be specified using the traditional item return value number, a “%” style number, a WMI return value field name, a user variable and an expression. See Charts for details.
Change 7: Added procedure run time and item id to debug output.
Change 8: Added alternative cpu count return value, %2, to CPUCOUNT. This may or may not return the same or different value.

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