Desktop Info v2.6.1 Released

This release specifically addresses issues with the IF and CONTROL/CONTROL2 items and how they behave and interact.
Change 1: The IF item will now evaluate every cycle. Therefore the interval option is redundant.
Change 2: The relationship between CONTROL and CONTROL2 is more complete and robust. I discovered a fatal flaw in the config loading code causing pointers to wander off into fairy land.
Change 3: The IF item now correctly sets CONTROL item visibility where appropriate. See the IF item for an example. Also, because of the strong parent/child relationship between CONTROL and CONTROL2, when you set the visibility of a CONTROL item, the child CONTROL2 items will follow. Also, you can’t use an IF item on a CONTROL2 item, it will be applied to the next non-CONTROL2 item.
Change 4: The CONTROL options, button-color and uri now correctly parse user variables on the fly.

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