Desktop Info v2.4 Released

Change 1: Added the common item option text-color which allows us to specify a color for the left column text.
Change 2: Added the key word TEXT-COLOR which allows us to specify a new default color for the left column text for all following items. This is distinct from the item option text-color above. See the discussion at Item Colors for an explanation of how it all works. If you do nothing, your current configuration will continue to work as it has.
Change 3: Added the wide option to CONTROL instead of using the wide font style to be consistent with other items.
Change 4: Added the left and width options to CONTROL.
Change 5: The auto-home timer is reset after a config change and reload.
Change 6: Removed redundant volume changed code since the last code that used it is gone.
Change 7: Added CONTROL2 item. It is identical to CONTROL except it doesn’t add a new display row, it is added to the display row of the previous CONTROL item. I’m still working on RTL for controls. I hope to have that sorted out in the next release.

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