Desktop Info v2.3 Released

Change 1: Refactored the thresholds to support return values, user variables and expressions.
Change 2: Increased the number of thresholds to nine.
Change 3: Added the filter option to TOPPROCESSCPU and TOPPROCESSPF.
Change 4: Added maxrows and filter options to TOPPROCESSMEM. In 64 bit mode maxrows is
capped at 10.
Change 5: The filter options are now Unicode.
Change 6: Improved error trapping and recovery in mapping file view that occasionally causes it to
fail when retrieving commit size and thread count from desktopinfo64.
Change 7: Some speed optimisations.
Change 8: Enabled RGB colors in line chart series.
Change 9: Added the background-interval option to all items. This allows you to collect data in the
background for any item that is not on the currently active page. It allows you to keep recent data
available, keep line charts ticking over and write csv data files for any item on any page.
Change 10: Added a check to ensure LOGICALDRIVES performance samples are at least one
second apart. This fixes the bug where a group of such items would fail to display performance data
for the second and successive items.
Change 11: Removed TSSESSIONS, SESSIONID and RDSSESSIONID items and replaced them
with RDS and RDSSESSIONS items.
Change 12: Added auto-home option to [options]. This returns to the home page after the specified
seconds of inactivity.
Change 13: Added unix time to LOADTIME.
Change 14: Added short and long date and time return values to DATETIME, BOOTTIME and
LOADTIME. The default display template for the three is “display:%9 %10” which is the short
date and time.

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